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Tim Loftus Boatbuilding offers incredible diversity of wooden boats available. Our showcasing of ideas and influential designs allows you to see a fraction of our boat building capability. Whether you’re a sailing expert, fisherman in need of a new rig or simply a first time bespoke wooden boat buyer, our range of projects and ideas will give you great insight in to our variety of services available.

Swallows and Amazons Dinghies and Tenders

Dinghies and Tenders are notoriously popular  for family use, allowing you to explore quiet coves and rivers away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Swallows and Amazons   Pictured here is ‘Swallow’, the boat written about in Arthur Ransome’s classic childrens book ‘Swallows and Amazons’. There was a real Swallow that Ransome and his friends used in the English Lake District and many of his readers would like to recreate the sailing adventures from Ransome’s novel for their own children. We could build custom replicas of  any of Ransome’s boats from the design information available. We can custom design and build any rowing/sailing dinghy suited to your individual requirements and budget.

16″ Norwegian Faering

These elegant rowing and sailing boats were the traditional working craft  from the Oselver region in Norway.They are delightful to row due to their lightness and are easily driven by one or two rowers, yet with the sturdy buoyancy to carry passengers and camping gear.

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30″ Falmouth Quay Punt

The Quay Punt was created for the use of watermen who tended ships calling at the port of Falmouth. Like their larger brethren the pilot cutters, they would seek well beyond the land in order to find inbound ships. This was a highly competitive business creating fast driven designs to become extremely seaworthy. Several of these lovely boats have made extraordinary voyages around the world, the most notable being ‘Curlew’, the 1898 Quay Punt owned by Tim and Pauline Carr.

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 Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters

Sailing pilot are the most highly evolved vessels of their time. Of these, the Bristol Channel Pilot cutters were the pinnacle of seaworthiness and performance. Pilotage in the Bristol Channel was intensely competitive and also lucrative for successful crews –  which often numbered one man and a boy. This drove design to focus primitively on balance, optimization of speed, ease of handling and, most importantly, seakeeping. We have lines for historic Pilot Cutters ranging from 38″ to 60″ and are available to discuss the design of a new and unique Pilot Cutter hull.

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82′ Zulu

The final generation of these awesome Scottish fishing boats are arguably the most powerful British sailing craft of their size.  Their dipping lug rigs reached the technological boundaries of wood and cordage. H. Warrington-Smyth wrote:

It is truly one of the finest sea sights of modern times, to see this great brown pyramid come marching and go leaning by ten knots, the peak stabbing the sky as it lurches past some seventy feet above the water. The sense of strain and power is not so produced by any work of man at sea.

With the demanding lug rig, this would make an exceptional sail training boat . If reconfigured with the handler ‘Shetland’ gaff rig, this boat would make the ultimate blue water cruiser.

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120″ West Country Trading Ketch

These grand Ketches were once prolific in coastal trade. They declined rapidly post Second World War as competition from motorised shipping sadly forced them out of business. In the present day as the price of fuel increases, perhaps they will reappear. She would make an exceptional charter base  with almost limitless potential for interior layout.

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Paul Gartside Designs

 16’6″ Inboard Launch

With a small diesel inboard engine, this lovely launch would make an ideal work boat or fishing boat. Having said, this small boat would also make for a perfect pleasure outing due to her yacht finish.

Designed by Paul Gartside

Designed by Paul Gartside


23″ Steam Launch

This shapely traditional Steam Launch, elegant with it’s refined fantail counter stern, offers a great deal of sailing fun.

Designed by Paul Gartside

Designed by Paul Gartside

Glorious details:

  • Generous beam
  • Robust construction
  • Great stability
  • High load capacity
  • Comfortable seating for 6

This would be a uniquely rewarding boat to commision, own and use.

Ideas of Your Own?

As demonstrated above, we have a large range of ideas and variety of designs. If you are thinking of investing in a new-build, one-off replica or restoration, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. If you would like to find out more about how we commission and build new boats, please do not hesitate to contact us by viewing our Get in Touch page where you can find our contact details.