Our Story

Tim Loftus

Tim built his first boat traditional wooden boat at the age of 6. Since then, he has acquired the experience to build any wooden vessel; from a classic sailing dinghy, to a fully-fledged ocean cruiser.

Bespoke Wooden Craft

Well built wooden boats behold many special qualities. Unlike the largely manufactured fiberglass boats we see constantly today, each wooden boat carefully hand crafted by Tim and his team display true appreciation of craftsmanship from a time passed, an era lost with the onset of easy-to-build fiberglass hulls.

Many wooden craft afloat today are over 100 years old, representing exceptional longevity. Wood has fine, natural insulating properties which greatly reduces condensation and noise.

Our Environmental Pledge

We make a pledge to source our materials from responsible suppliers and to replace the materials used by planting new trees  to substitute those used in construction.

Tim Loftus Boatbuilding has always tried to minimise environmental impact. Timber as a base material for boat construction proves to be a good idea from an environmental perspective.

The trees from which we build our boats have locked away atmospheric carbon and this will remain throughout the entirety of each boats existence. In comparison, steel and aluminium are very energy intensive throughout production and the resins apparent in fiberglass boats come from precious oil reserves.

We are proud to further reduce our environmental footprint by:

  • Using locally sourced timber during the production of our builds
  • We use FSC certified timber – visit www.FSC.org
  • Use recycled timber whenever possible
  • Replanting native trees to provide high grade timber with the future in mind

We actively replant and nurture new trees to replace those used in construction. On commissioning a new craft, we automatically plant 5 trees for every tree used. Clients are welcome to participate in the planting and upkeeping of each planted tree.

In addition, we aim to minimise waste as follows:

  • Sections of Timber we can’t use are donated to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project www.BWRP.org.uk
  • Off-cuts from the edges of wood  are used for firewood
  • Sawdust is used for the smoking of kippers by www.kipperman.co.uk